Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fancy Burp Rags

I just finished a project I'm really excited about!  I made some fancy burp rags for Baby. 
I got this idea from another blogger, Kate, at  She shows how to make a "Bucket-o-Burpees", which would make a great baby gift!

I used the Kushies brand of flat washable diapers for the white flannel.  They come in a pack of 6 for $15.99 at Sears.  I was able to cut them each in half, so that would make 12 burp cloths.  If you use scrap fabric for the remainder of the project, the burp rags work out to roughly $1.30 each.

If you are looking for more instruction on how to make these, you can check out Kate's blog at the link above for a step by step tutorial.

I owe my mom a big thank you because she serged all the edges for me on these burp cloths... which made this project super easy!

This has been one of my favorite projects so far! 

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