Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Girls LOVE flowers!

Wouldn't you agree that girls love to accessorize?  Lots of babies and girls wear headbands with big flowers on them, and they look super cute!  So, I thought this could be a very affordable gift to make for my 6 month old niece.

I found some artificial flowers at the dollar store and pulled them all apart.  I threw away the stems and all the plastic pieces so all that remained were the fabric flowers.  I think I may also make good use of these flowers on homemade cards.. a less expensive alternative to what you might find in a scrapbooking store.

I found some soft headbands at Walmart - 6 for $4 (sized for little girls).  The flowers I got were $1 per bouquet (I bought a few different colors so I could have a collection for future projects).  So this ended up being a very inexpensive project.

I arranged the flower petals and sewed them onto the headbands.  Easy!!  I also of course had to add my own label to the headband.

 I can't wait to see my niece modeling her new flower accessory!  How cute!!


  1. Amy! I think you should live down here so that we could craft together! I think baby crafts are the most fun, and your headbands are so cute! (Plus I love the thrifty-ness)

  2. Rachel! I think we should live down in Cali too!! I would love crafting together! I didn't realize you were a blogger... I will enjoy reading your updates. Thanks for checking out my blog... I'm having lots of fun with it. Hopefully we can catch up with you again on our next road trip!