Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Super Big Swaddling Blanket

From the time Affam was born, he has loved being swaddled when he goes to sleep.  However, the receiving blankets are too small to do this anymore.  So, I bought some flannel fabric and made him an extra large one.  I of course had to add a cute print to the blanket to make it our own!

Affam trying out his new swaddler
 I cut the flannel to roughly a meter squared, and added a 4" strip of scrap printed fabric about a third of the way across the blanket.  I top stitched the printed fabric with a half inch hem folded underneath and pressed.  Then I did an overcasting stitch along the edge of the whole blanket to prevent the flannel from fraying.  Since I got the flannel fabric on sale for $4 a meter, and used scrap fabric for the rest, this project works out to about $4!

examining the finished product

I think Affam loves it!

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