Sunday, 24 February 2013

DIY baby legwarmers

If you've used baby legwarmers before, you know that diaper changes are quick and easy, and they are just so cute! They also work well on cold winter days as an extra layer for baby's legs. Our little guy still wears them as he scoots around the house. For a little girl, they can double as footless tights underneath a dress too.

With a new baby on the way, I thought it might be fun to make some legwarmers for a newborn. I also made Affam a couple more pairs while I was at it. I found socks on clearance at Superstore, so I gave this a try.

The finished product:
The left two are made from men's socks, making them big enough for Affam.  The ones on the right are made from girl's socks and they were shorter for a newborn.  The middle two (grey and navy) are made from girl's kneehigh socks, so they are a bit longer for a newborn (and also gender neutral).
  These were actually very quick and easy to make.  If you are interested in making these yourself, you can follow the DIY tutorial found on My Sister's Suitcase blog.  The only modification I made was to make the newborn size smaller.  I made the socks skinnier by cutting off 1/4" from the width and then sewed the seam up the side as my last step.

These would be super cute on a little girl!

OR... these would be cute for a boy!  We are keeping the gender of our new baby a surprise... so don't get any ideas!
My little model, awake and happy from his nap (it was very hard getting him to hold still, and I just noticed our dog, Molly, is in every picture!):

Perfect for our little scooter and playtime around the house!


  1. These are so, so adorable! Do you know you are having a girl?

    1. Thanks Kelly! No.... we could very well be having a boy :) I just found the girls socks on clearance, and thought they were so darn cute. At least the navy and grey ones are gender neutral, but the other ones would sure be cute on a girl hey?