Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wet Bags

One project I have been super excited about, because they have so many uses and are so functional... wet bags! 

We originally started using wet bags for outings with our little guy in cloth diapers.  This allowed us to go out and about with cloth diapers and not worry about transporting the soiled wet cloth diapers.  However, I am discovering there are many other uses for these handy waterproof bags.  I recently made one for a friend of mine who needed something to carry her swimsuit in so the rest of her items in her bag would stay dry.  These bags would also be great for travelling to carry your bath products (in case you are like me and worry about shampoo and conditioner leaking all over your clothes in your suitcase!).  They also make great cosmetic bags.

12"x12" size

The wet bags I have been making are made with a PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric liner, a water-resistant material.  The outside of the bag is made with a heavier cotton fabric so it's more durable.

7"x7" size

Since the PUL fabric I ordered is CPSIA compliant, lead free, and BPA free, I also made two re-usable snackbags with some lighter cotton fun prints.  The bag above (with the bicycle print) is a sandwhich bag size, and the bag below is a snack bag size.

7"x4" size

However, since the time I first ordered PUL material, there has been some debate over whether PUL is actually food-safe.  It is very difficult to find proof that PUL is harmful to food, and I can see there can be a lot of more research into this subject.  One company from the states who makes a large amount of reuseable snack bags (who I'm sure when I first did my research, claimed to use a PUL lining), now does not disclose the type of fabric they use in their wet bags and snackbags.  All they will say about their lining is "it's FDA approved, CPSIA compliant, BPA free and lead free".  I am not convinced PUL is not food-safe, yet I am going to look into this further.  I am in the process of looking into a couple other lining alternatives.  I think I will continue to do my research and dedicate another post soley to snackbags once I come to better conclusions.

Back to wet bags... The larger wet bags have a carry handle that can also snap onto strollers or backpacks.

I also made an EXTRA LARGE wetbag for travelling purposes which we use for cloth diapers when we are away from home.  (This would also make a great laundry bag)

17"x26" size
Wet bags are a great green alternative to plastic bags, and can be re-used over and over again.  I recommend washing them on delicate so the colors of the outside fabric stay fresh, and line dry as the PUL shouldn't go in the dryer.

You can now order wet bags available in the SHOP, or order a custom made wet bag with one of the following prints by emailing amysragstostitches@gmail.com.
12"x16" size


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